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Wheelchair for Sung


The boy in the photo is the 14-year-old Sung. When he was 2, a chicken bone got stuck in his throat and he almost died. The lack of oxygen caused severe problems. He stopped growing and became handicapped. He is in serious need of a new wheelchair, specifically designed for his body. His parents can't afford this. Will you bless this family?

Ever since the accident, which happened 12 years ago, Sung needs full time care. He eats through a tube and can't do anything by himself. Meaning one of his parents can't work. The family was poor already before the incident but now lost 50 percent of their income. They have some land next to their house, where they grow rice, just enough for their own use. Sung has been sitting in the same simple stroller for over 10 years now. It not just dirty, it is also falling apart. Plus the wheels are tiny, and not suitable for the sandy and dusty land around their house, where there are no concrete roads or pavements. 

We would like to bless this family with a new wheelchair for Sung. Now, his parents always need to carry him whenever they go somewhere, which is very challenging. They often need to visit the hospital and carry Sung, often for more than 5 hours. Both parents have never complained or asked for help, but struggle a lot. They are tired and a new wheelchair would make their lives a bit easier. Sung needs a specific wheelchair, adjusted to his body. These are very difficult to find in Mukdahan, so we will have to order from a company elsewhere. 

Sung was refered to Siam-Care by the local hospital. They don't have the time (or priority) to look after Sung. We now provide milk powder to the family, clothes and food, and help cover travel expenses to the hospital. We hope and pray you will stand with us, and help bless this family which is in big need. 


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