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Vision and Mission

What is our vision and mission?

How it started

Soon after the first officially reported Aids case in Thailand in 1984, the increase in HIV/Aids cases and new infections grew in an alarming rate. Government, NGOs, with or without external assistance, made concerted efforts to curb the epidemic and to provide care to the infected persons and their affected families. The British organization ‘Christian Outreach’ was one of them. It responded with a care project. The initial work focused on home based family care for the infected and affected family members including relatives and communities, supporting them to care for the sick and for the orphans, widows and others left behind by demised relatives as a result of HIV/Aids. In 2013 Natasja and Jan-Peter Kelder to over the leadership of Siam-Care Foundation.

Siam-Care foundation is officially registered under the Ministry of Interior (Kor.Thor 1446). We have an official status as NGO working on HIV/Aids, human rights and human trafficking issues.

What do we try to achieve?

Our vision is to fight for equal rights, opportunities, and treatment for children and families affected by poverty and/or HIV/Aids.

How do we realize our goals?

Siam-Care helps children at risk and their families, to develop psychosocially, physically, financially, and spiritually until they can take care of themselves (again).

Core Values

  • Bible centered
    The word of God is foundational to all we do we seek to be obedient to biblical teaching, evaluating our work and attitudes in light of the bible. 
  • Transparent
    We are open about our income and expenses. We report our work and make reports insightful for others.
  • Honest
    We are accountable to God for the use of our time and resources, but also to our target groups, partners and supporters by being honest, trustworthy, and transparent in all we do
  • Non–discriminatory
    We affirm the worth of all people, regardless of religion, cultural background, ethnicity, or gender and threat everybody equally
  • Prayerful
    Prayer is key to everything we do. We commit to deepening our relationship with God, and increasing in knowledge of His will through prayer for each activity, need and decision
  • Professional
    We commit to providing our beneficiaries, partners, supporters and colleagues with an excellent quality of service in a professional manner.
  •  Collaborative
    We commit to achieving common goals through partnership with beneficiaries, community leaders, NGO’s, governments institutions, churches, and donors.