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We provice information about HIV, safe seks and human trafficking.
Sex is taboo

After South-Africa, Thailand has the most teen pregnancies across the world. One in twenty girls at the age of 15-19 becomes pregnant. Also thousands get infected with HIV every year, parents and teachers rather not talk about sex, so the problem persists. For that reason Siam-Care made an awareness program, consisting of:

  1. Sex education in secondary schools. We inform teens about the risks of (unprotected) sex.  We have conversations with them about respect for their own body and that of their peers. (In Mukdahan, at the border of Laos, the work in schools has an extra dimension, which is raising awareness to prevent human trafficking.)
  2. Training of teachers. To strengthen their knowledge and skills on the topic of HIV and child protection.
  3. Training of leaders of churches and congregations. To equip them with knowledge and skills to pass on.
  4. Activities in collaboration with local authorities. These awareness campaigns take place in public areas. The collaboration is also reflected in regular consultations with local authorities and in obtaining social welfare support for our children/families.