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Educational Sponsorship

Siam-Care's help allows children to go to school
Uneducated = underprivaleged

Every child has the right to education. If a child cannot go to school, they miss the basics to build a stable future. Sadly, families do not always have enough money to send their children to school. Sometimes because parents past away because of HIV and grandparents earn too little. Subsequently children are forced to start working at a young age, to support their families financially. Hence they remain uneducated. Some of Siam-Care's children are HIV-positive themselves as well and so the cycle repeats itself.

Break the negative cycle

With your help, Siam-Care can help a child to break the negative cycle. Children in our sponsorship program, are enabled to study and work on their future. Our staff coaches the children and we monitor school performances. We also invite the children to children's camps, inform them about HIV and tell them about God. This, we hope, will affect their lives and that of their family in a positive way.