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Due to very heavy rains, large parts of the province of Mukdahan have been flooded. Dozens of Siam-Care's families have been fallen victim.

Yes, I will enable Siam-Care to help flood affected families
GOAL: €1500
TO GO: €1465

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The foundation
Siam-Care provides aid
Siam-Care is committed to children and families affected by HIV-aids. We help children to school. And we support poor families medically, mentally and financially


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Siam-Care works on five long terms projects

Give Future

Give Future
Have an impact
We are unable to chance the entire world, but are able to have an enormous impact on one family or child. Will you support a poor family? You will give them a opportunity for a better future.

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Do you already support a family or child and would like to do more? Such as sending a letter or gift, possibly visit?

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