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Prison Ministry

We train and support infected and healthy inmates in 5 different prisons.
Moral support and training

As an HIV-infected prisoner in Thailand you are lowest of the lowest. The living conditions of a prisoner are very bad. There is little to no moral support. We visit them because we believe God loves everyone.  We offer moral support, sometimes just by being a listening ear. We also inform them about their rights as prisoner. We inform them about HIV/Aids, because many of them discover their infection in prison, or get infected in prison. We also train uninfected prisoners (mainly youth) about the risks of (unsafe) sex.

At the inmates’ request, we sometimes  get in touch with prisoners’ families and facilitate a visit. Siam-Care is the only NGO working in the prison hospital of the Klong Prem prison. Furthermore, we visit inmates in around 10 other prisons and correctional institutions.