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Family care

Siam-Care supports families affected by HIV-AIDS
Self- reliance

Siam-Care builds long-term relationships with families in need. The goal? To guide them through a process towards self-reliance. Equip them so that they eventually can live without our help. We give support in many ways; we give psychosocial counseling and mediate for access to social welfare and health care. We also conduct job-trainings, are a shoulder to cry on and ensure access to and correct use of medication against HIV.

Knowledge and skills

Taking care of a HIV-infected family member, intake of nutritious food, budgeting of income and expenditures, proper use of medication, starting income generation. These are all basic elements for improving the quality of life of the families we support. That is why we teach them these skills and this knowledge.

Emergency aid

In some cases families need emergency support to buy food or to pay for transportation to see a doctor. Some families have problems with a leaking roof, or do not have a toilet. Siam-Care starts one-off projects to help families create a safe and stable living environment.

Close relationship with hospitals, schools and NGO's

Unfortunately HIV infected people are still stigmatized in Thailand. Many people don't talk about it openly. So asking for help is difficult. That is why we maintain close relationships with hospitals, community authorities, schools and other NGOs. Very often, they refer the families to us.