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Your sponsorchild- or family

This page offers information for existing sponsors

Sent a card

A personal letter from you can be an huge encouragement for your sponsor child or family. A personal word from you can make a big difference in their lives. You can write your letter in English or Dutch, we will then translate it into Thai. We always confirm towards a donor when we have received his or her letter. If you don't know what to write, just consider sharing something about your personal life. Where do you live, what is the weather like, do you have children, what is your occupation?
Please send your letter to our main office in Bangkok; we will forward the letter and provide translations if neccesary.
Find out here our what our address is

Give a gift

Surprise your sponsor child or family with a special gift! This will not only make them feel special, it will also improve their lives a bit. You can give a fan, a rice cooker and other things. Select your gift here

Sent an e-mail

Sending a letter via e-mail is easier and cheaper, for you and for us. You can write your letter in English or Dutch, we will then translate it into Thai.
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Visit your sponsor child or family

Want to meet your sponsor child or family? This is possible under certain conditions, to safeguard the safety and rights of our children. You can discuss your intended visit with Natasja Kelder, manager of the sponsorship program. 


We recognize that we need Gods help in everything we do. Would you please consider praying for your sponsor child or family and for Siam-Care? We believe in de power of prayer. Would you like to receive regular prayer points? 
Sign up here for our prayer mails