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Sponsor a family!

Sponsor a family!


We believe that  families are  the foundations of society. Especially poor HIV-affected  families need extra help to earn money and to take  care of their health. The stigma they face  is huge and complicates their situation to find a job. Encourage independency is  the main focus of our help.

How much do you pay?

As a sponsor you pay $30 per month for the care of  your sponsorfamily. This money will be used entirely for the family that you support.

What do I pay for?

If you sponsor a family you are paying for:

  • Their basic needs as food and drinks*
  • Transportation costs  to visit a doctor/hospital
  • Medicines
  • Help with applications for government welfare support
  • Regular home visits to provide moral support and to monitor their situation
  • Community activities such as information sessions and Christmas celebrations
  • Contact with peers

*When a family’s situation improves, our help is adjusted accordingly. We do not need to give them basic needs when they can take care of food and nutrition themselves.


​Only families who really need help, are able to join our support program. Our staff connects with a new family before we start supporting them. We screen their income, health and family composition, among other things.