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Something extra for your sponsor child or family

Surprise your sponsor child or family with a special gift! This will not only make them feel special, it will also improve their lives a bit. 


  • School box

    School box

    During the school year students need to by a lot of materials, like pencils, notebooks and other materials. With this school box you’ll provide one child with all his or her needed supplies.

  • Rice cooker

    Rice cooker

    Rice forms de basis of every meal in Thailand. With a rice cooker a family is able to provide themselves with at least a simple meal. 

  • Motorbike


    Having a motorbike means a greater change of finding a job. Often people have to travel quite far to work, a motorbike will make this a lot faster and cheaper. This can really be a life changing gift.

    €1 000
  • Food box

    Food box

    Poor families who struggle to make ends meet will be very much helped with this food box. It includes rice, oil and more food supplies.

  • Fan


    In the burning heat of Thailand a fan is no luxury. Yet many families do not have their own fan to escape the hot climate for a bit.

  • Animal


    Families struggling to survive in extreme poverty are really helped with a goat or a sheep. These animals provide the benefit of generating income and supplying protein-rich food and diary. If you give two animals, they will most likely produce a small herd.


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