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Several volunteers represent Siam-Care in their home country.

Our ambassadors are part of Siam-Care. Fundraising is as important as the work in Thailand.

Ambassadors who are important to Siam-Care and represent us in different countries: - Stichting Siam-Care, The Netherlands - World Outreach UK, The United Kingdom - Etsuko Yamaguchi, Japan - Junko Ishisawa, Japan

Siam-Care Nederland

In the Netherlands, we have a official partner handling our finances and donor-relations in the Netherlands, namely: Siam-Care Nederland.
Here you can download their policies

Here is all relevant information on Siam-Care Nederland

Name:                         Stichting Siam-Care Nederland
RSIN:                          862158618
Address:                     Groenstraat 21, 5062 NA Oisterwijk
Phone number:          (0031)613951944
KVK-number              81617763
Bank account:            In process

Chair person:              Mevr. M. Baas-Hennipman 
Treasurer:                   Mevr. S.R. Koolhaas
Secretary:                   Mevr. A.H. van Erp-Dijk