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Help needed

Yama (an assumed name) is a 10 year-old-girl who’s life recently got turned upside-down. She is from a poor background, but was doing fine, until her mother recently died quite suddenly, on February 27 of 2023. She now needs Siam-Care’s support to stay in school. This is her story.

The local hospital in Mukdahan recently contacted us regarding a family, who was in need of help. Father and mother were poor and both working as day laborers. They barely survived but managed to make ends meet. They lived in the poor and dry northeast of Thailand, where it is often difficult to find work. Despite their financial struggles, they were doing fine. Until mother suddenly got a stroke, and was left paralyzed. We visited this family to survey the situation and to see what we could do. But only 2 weeks later, we were informed by Yama’s father, that Yama’s mother had passed away.

Yama was heartbroken, obviously. But this difficult situation creates another problem: the family suddenly lost half of their income and now struggles even harder to survive. Father cannot cover the school costs of his daughter, despite working hard as an electrician. Siam-Care will try to find a sponsor for Yama, so that she can stay in school. We will also offer counseling, so that Yama can deal with this difficult situation.