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work in Nakhom Phanom

We are happy to share with you, that we have extended our project in Mukdahan. From now on, we will also start reaching out to families in Nakhom Phanom, a neighboring province of Mukdahan. This is one of the driest and poorest provinces in Thailand, with a large group of people in need of immediate support. The province also has a high HIV-infection rate.

We were invited by the local government to come and do our work in Nakhom Phanom as well. Namely: looking after HIV-infected families and families in need and trying to keep children in school. The local government was impressed with our work in Mukdahan. And since the province doesn't have any NGO's present, they felt a big need for us to step in. Currently no one is offering any counseling or support to families in need. Leaving many people struggling to survive.  

Escape from poverty

Before we kicked of our project in Nakhom Phanom, we have had several meetings with the local government, the local hospital and the local university (see pictures). Together with those bodies, we have selected families that are in need of immediate support. Our staff will start counseling these families and we will find a donor who can cover education-related costs. By helping children finish their education, we are offering them a chance to become self-relient in the future and escape from poverty.