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Siam-Care takes care of hundreds of families, each with their own story. We would like to introduce you to one of them.

Chompoo (2014) is an 8-year-old girl who lives with her sisters Fa (2016), Som (2018) and mother Beng (1985) in Mukdahan, in the North-East of Thailand. Mother takes care of her 3 children on her own. To protect their privacy, we have not used their real names in this story.

Until a few years ago, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the Chanipatrou family. Chompoo and Fa lived with both parents until their father became addicted to the drugs. Since then, the girls' lives have changed. Father started abusing their mother. And was arrested not much later in connection with drug possession.

Situation got worse

Once released from prison, his behavior appeared not to have improved but rather deteriorated. This time he started to abuse the children as well. For mother, who was pregnant with their third child by now, enough was enough and she sought help from Siam-Care. Father left soon after this and never reached out to his family since. Eighteen months ago, mother heard that he had had a moped accident and that he had died. So now mother was the only one to look after her three daughters. The family struggles enormously to survive and tie the strings together. As mother needs to provide for her family and look after 3 young children at the same time. She does not receive any government support.

Provide a safe home

Mother does everything she can to to look after her children and offer them a safe home situation. But this is very challenging all by herself. Besides taking care of the children, she tries to work here and there as a day laborer, but does not earn enough to support the family herself. Siam-Care tries to help where possible and supports this family with food, clothing and supporting mother in creating a safe place for her and the children. We also cover educational costs. This is our main goal: to provide children with a future through education. With a completed education, it is a lot easier to find a job and take care of yourself financially. Thank you for making this possible with your support!