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Siam-Care has recently made a difference for several teenage girls. We arranged a private bedroom for them (see photo's), to give them more privacy and protect them against stepfathers.

In Thailand it is common for (grand)parents and (grand)children to all live and sleep in the same room together. Most of our families live in tiny shacks, often with just 1 or 2 rooms. At night, matrasses are being put on the floor of the living room, and everyone lies next to each other. Unfortunately, this often goes wrong and many teenage girls are sexually abused by their stepfathers, or other male (step) relatives. Especially as many of them have drinking issues. One of Siam-Care's goals is to protect children and thus we decided something had to be done. 

Walls and a door

Other than educating mothers about the dangers of this common sleeping situation, we have recently tried to create a safe sleeping environment for teenage girls. With a few simple walls and a door, the teenage girls in our program, can safely change clothes and sleep without fear of stepfathers touching them. It is a simple project but makes a big difference in the lives of these girls. With your support, this project was realized and we want to thank you for allowing us to have an impact.