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Siam-Care to the rescue

Pupe is a 7-year-old girl who lives in Nakhom Phanom, in the northeast of Thailand. Due to health issues, both parents can’t work and thus this family is very poor. They didn’t even have their own house and struggle very hard to survive. Siam-Care saw that help was needed and tried to get this family a place to live. 

Pupe has 2 younger siblings, who are 6 and 1 years old. Their father recently had a stroke and is now blind. Pupe’s mother has epilepsy and a few other physical issues. Due to their health issues, both parents struggle to work. They live in with relatives, which is causing many problems. None of the relatives is happy to help Pupe and her family and this leads to many arguments. Recently father got beaten up by a relative, because the relative was tired of looking after Pupe and her family.

Our staff in Mukdahan realized that something had to be done. We contacted the local government, and they gave us some budget to build a house. It was not enough, and thus we decided to reach out local businesses. Our staff convinced them to donate building materials, or in some cases sell them for a lower price. After some more fundraising, we realized enough money to build a simple shack for this family. So that at least they have a safe place to live, and for the 3 children to grow up in.