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Tie (2011) is an 10-boy, who lives in the northeast of Thailand with his grandmother Thavorn (1951), mother Duangporn (1975) and sister Nuanong (2001). Father works in another province and comes home once a month. Tie is HIV positive, as are both parents. In April 2019, Tie's 15-year-old sister died of HIV/AIDS.

Father works for a steel company in Lampang, in the north of Thailand. He earns a modest income. Mother works in a small shop close to their home. Grandma has high blood pressure and a lot of pain in her limbs. She can no longer work. The family struggles quite a bit to make ends meet and they live in a modest hut. They live close to a major road and the house is built on stilts. They have 1 bedroom, which they share. The house is old, falling apart and dangerous to live in.

Help with homework

With the help of Siam-Care, Tie can go to school. Due to his infection, his development is slower than average. He has concentration-issues and is also smaller than other children. He is very shy and hardly talks. Tie cycles to school every day, which is about 1 kilometer from home. His favorite subjects are math and Thai. Tie would like to become a soldier in the future.