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Sarana is a 9-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother (1961) in the south of Thailand. Her parents left Sarana with her grandmother after birth and never contacted her again.

Grandma is the only one in the family who earns an income and works as a day laborer. She makes hardly enough too feed Sarana and herself. Her health is not cooperating. She suffers from asthma and regularly has to spend several days in the hospital. As a result, she often does not have enough money to for and clothes, let alone for the educational costs of Sarana. Grandma sees the importance of education and really wants her granddaughter to stay in school. Thankfully, we were able to find her a donor and she now studies in primary school. Both Grandmother and Sarana hope that Sarana can get a good job after finishing her study, and then look after their family financially.

Become a doctor

Sarana is a shy girl who does not smile often. The rejection of her parents has a worrying effect on Sarana's life. She obviously is sad that her parents didn't want her, but she is also thankful for a loving grandmother. Sarana loves to draw. She currently studies in grade 5 of primary school and would like to become a doctor in the future.