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Students raise support for Siam-Care

Today Siam-Care received 2 very special donations, raised by 2 students of KIS International School. They both organized their own fundraisers, as part of a school project. We'd love to introduce them to you.

As we have stated many times before: without the help of our supporters, Siam-Care wouldn't exist. We mostly receive donations from adults, but sometimes younger people decide to help out as well. We are very proud that both Prateek Potdar (grade 12, who was able to raise 30.000 Baht) and Lucas Choong Wen Jun (grade 5, who was able to raise 13.000 baht) chose Siam-Care to raise support for. Both students created a book, which they have sold among other students, parents, and friends. They both donated all proceeds to support the education of Thai children in need. One student who decides to support another (less privileged) student: isn't that great?


We hope that the great initiatives of these two students, inspires others to start making a difference for people in need as well. Everyone can do it. We would like to thank both Prateek and Lucas for their valuable contribution to the support of underprivileged Thai children. It's these initiatives who make our work possible and we are sincerely grateful for that.






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