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New training and emergency center

For years, Siam-Care has been dreaming of constructing our very own training center and accommodation building in Mukdahan. We had a design in mind, we have available land and enough families in need to train or offer shelter to. But no budget. Thankfully, the Japanese Embassy is willing to financially support the construction.

In Mukdahan, Siam-Care supports hundreds of families in need. We offer counseling, school support and training in several areas. Siam-Care did not have a training facility though. Hence, a venue has to be rented whenever Siam-Care conducts trainings. On our compound, we thankfully already have enough space to build a training facility/emergency shelter, where trainings and activities can take place. After being in the process of writing a project proposal for over a year, the Japanese Embassy has recently gave us green light to start building. Last week, on Wednesday 18 March, Natasja Kelder (CEO of Siam-Care) and Hiroshi Kawamura (Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister) signed the contract, worth 3.7 million Thai Baht (see picture).

Good and safe environment

The future facility, which should be finished within a year, will have one big space for trainings, plus will offer sleeping facility to families who undergo training, families who don’t have a place to stay and foreign volunteers who come to help Siam-Care. With the new facility, Siam-Care can offer a good and safe learning environment for the HIV-affected children and their families, to provide them trainings which will have an impact on their lives and their future. 

Purposes of a new facility

1) Accommodation for trainees from remote areas in Mukdahan and Laos. These people come for training with the emphasis on HIV.
2) Accommodation for families from remote areas who participate in Siam-Care activities such as focus groups and family camps.
3) Temporary reception place for (mainly female) students who are still looking for a place to stay.
4) Temporary accommodation for people who are recovering from a hospital admission and still need aftercare.
5) Temporary shelter for abused children and women.
6) Accommodation for guest speakers and volunteers.

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