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Trip to Thailand done

"A memory for life". This is how one of the students from Corlaer College Nijkerk described their trip to Thailand. In May and June 2019, 14 students and 2 teachers helped out Siam-Care for 12 days in different ways. June 7 they flew back to the Netherlands. But their year-long adventure 'Expedition Thailand' is not over yet.

The purpose of 'Expedition Thailand'? Addressing social problems and achieving lasting change. The students, who all study at all levels of education, did this in different ways. They visited Siam-Care in Bangkok and Mukdahan and organized various activities. In Bangkok, English was taught at a secondary school and vulnerable families were visited at home for encouragement and support. The students also visited peers in the juvenile prison of Ayuthaya. They exercised together and the students taught English to the prisoners.

Actions to raise money

In preparation for the trip, the students spent almost a year setting up several fundraising campaigns. Various initiatives have been started to raise funds for Siam-Care. For example, a fasting campaign was organized, the students sold pizzas and donation boxes were placed at local restaurants in and around Nijkerk. The students hope to raise 10,000 euros, which will be fully donated to Siam-Care. The travel expenses of the group were covered by themselves. Siam-Care is very grateful for this wonderful initiative. Now that the journey is over, the Expedition will soon come to an end. But not before a number of fundraising campaigns will still being organized.

More information on website and donations

More info can be found at Donations can also be made here.