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Fundraising in full swing

Can you image: a high school trip, to the other side of the world? For 14 students of the Corlaer College in Nijkerk (the Netherlands) this will soon become reality. In June 2019 they will travel to Thailand, together with 2 teachers, to visit Siam-Care. Their goal? To address social problems and make a lasting change.

In total, the students will stay in Thailand for 12 days. They will visit Siam-Care's projects in Bangkok and Mukdahan and are hoping to get a good impression of a different culture. They will also roll up their sleeves: the students will help out in several practical ways. Youth prisons will be visited and houses will be restored, among other things. This fits well with the goal set by the school: 'To mean something for society on the basis of respect and reciprocity'. The teams, which form a mix of the different high school levels, want to make a lasting change during they stay in Thailand

Actions to raise money

In preparation for the trip, the students have been busy setting up actions to raise funds for Siam-Care. Various initiatives have been taken already. For example, the students will fast for 24 hours to gather money, they will sell pizzas and donation boxes have been placed at local restaurants in and around Nijkerk. The students are hoping to raise 10,000 Euro, which will be donated in fully to Siam-Care. The travel costs of the group will be covered in a different way. Siam-Care is extremely grateful for this wonderful initiative and is looking forward to the arrival of the students.

More information on website

More information can be found at Later the group also hopes to launch a sponsor site, more about this in due time.