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Donut is a 17-year-old girl, who is from a Laotion family with a poor background. She wants to study, so that she can get a job and look after herself. But her family doesn't have enough income, if Donut doesn't work. Siam-Care came up with a creative solution for Donut. This is her story. 

Donut was born on August 15 in 2004. She lives together with her mother Somphong (1977), father Thongchuen (1965) and older brother Thong (1996), who is physically disabled and cannot walk. Mother Somphong is from Laos, father Thongchuen is from Thailand. Laos was and is an even poorer country than Thailand and so Donut’s mother decided to move to Thailand a long time ago and illegally crossed the boarder. There she met her husband and married him over 20 years ago. As a result, she is now allowed to live in the province of Mukdahan and she received a work permit. But due to the condition of her son Thong, she cannot work fulltime, which makes it even harder for the family to survive financially. Thong requires a lot of special care. And to make things even worse: due to Covid, the unemployment rates are sky high. 

Combine school and work

Because of this situation, Donut started working as well. The family really needs the income to survive. Although finding a job for her, also isn't easy. She works as a daylaborer, but often there is no work for her to do. She started dreaming about going back to school, so that she can finish a studies and hopefully, find a better job. Siam-Care staff discussed her plans with her. Soon enough they found out that studying fulltime simply wouldn't be possible, as the family really needs Donut to make an income. And so Siam-Care found a school that offers different studies parttime, usually in the evening. So that Donut can work during the day, and study at night.

Not easy, but Donut is eager

It sure isn't easy to work and study at the same time. But Donut is eager to work hard. She wants to get further in life, eventhough that is difficult for someone with her poor background. We will support her as best as we can.