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Pupe (2002) is a 19 year old girl, living in the south of Thailand, together with her mother Daw (1967) and mother’s boyfriend Ken (1967). Pupe’s father left her when she was young and has never been in touch ever since. Both Pupe and her mother are HIV-infected and had no place to stay, until Siam-Care was able to find a solution.

The lives of Pupe and her mother have not been easy. Mother is originally from Buriram, a province in northeast Thailand, but moved to the south, hoping to find more work. She has never owned a house and has always lived in little shacks on rubber tree fields, owned by her employers. Meaning that if Daw has no work, the family has no place to stay. Both mother and her boyfriend work as day laborers, where Pupe is still studying, with the support of Siam-Care.

House without walls and a roof

Due to Corona, many people are currently unemployed and this looking for work. Dao and her boyfriend were invited to work on local rubber tree fields, and they could start living in a shack on the employer’s land. This ‘house’ was falling apart though, and didn’t even have walls or a roof (see pictures). Siam-Care has helped the family buy concrete, bricks, and materials to build a roof, so that the house would be somewhat more of a safe place to live in. 

A place to grow old

Dao is very grateful that they now have their own house, even though it is a very simple and old place. They are hoping to buy the land of the owner, some day in the future, so that they have a place to grow old. Especially now that times are very uncertain due to COVID, it is great for this family to have work and a place to stay. Due to your support, we were able to help out this family.